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Florist Pooraka

The Number One Florist Pooraka

The Salisbury Flower Shop is owned and operated by the esteemed florist Pooraka, Flowers by Marisa. Marisa has over 40 years of floristry experience to her name, continually learning and adapting to meet the complex demands of her customers. 

Now running her own shop, Marisa is able to share her passion and skills with people right across Adelaide, who fondly recommend her for all events and occasions. The team at the Salisbury Flower Shop specialise in everything from weddings and funerals, through to baby showers and personal gifts. We have a number of products in store that can be intertwined into a bundle arrangement to make the perfect gesture for your loved ones.

Some of the perks of choosing our florist Pooraka include same day delivery, After Pay, our simple online ordering option, and our wide-ranging skillset which derives from handling hundreds of different flower styles.

Florist Pooraka

Tips on How to Extend the Life of Your Flowers

When you purchase form our florist Pooraka, you can rest-assured that your flowers have come fresh from the growers. But we all know they don’t last forever, so here are some maintenance tips:

DIY Preservative: Sugar is a well-known food preservative, but did you know it can also extend the life of your flowers too? Dissolve 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar per 250 millilitres to enjoy your beautiful arrangement for longer.

Trimming: Without a clear entry way, your flowers will struggle to drink up the water your vase. Cut off roughly two inches of the stem on an angle using sharp florist snips to keep them well-hydrated.

Hairspray: This definitely isn’t going to improve the health of your arrangement from our florist Pooraka, but it will keep your flowers looking lively for longer! Step back and lightly spray the underside of the petals.

Inspiration for Your Upcoming Event

If you’re struggling to think outside of the box with your decorations, the way you display your flowers could make all the difference—and our florist Pooraka is happy to help! Here are some creative ideas to get the conversation started in your space.

Vintage tins: Some old tins sourced from family relatives, markets or op-shops bring a rustic-edge to your floral displays, and look particularly great when paired with more dainty and feminine types like posies or pink roses. Just remember to line the tins with something so they don’t rust!

Tea and coffee pots: For events like high-teas or brunches, tea and coffee pots with touches of greenery look amazing amongst the table setting.

Fruit & Veg: That’s right… carve out the centre of larger fruits and vegetables like watermelon or pumpkin for a raw, pop of colour! This would definitely fit best with a tropical theme.

Don’t compromise quality, get your arrangements from the best local florist Pooraka. If you give us a design brief, we can even customise your order to fit a particular theme! Browse our range online or drop by for a quick consultation to see what we can do for you.